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Anxiety can feel scary, exhausting, overwhelming, out of control.

Anxiety can also keep you alert & safe, help you adapt, and inspire you to change.

If you suffer with anxiety you may also struggle with sleep, a lack of confidence, or

find it difficult to leave the house.

I work with adults to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and have a better life.



If you are overthinking or projecting negatively into the future, can you pause these unhelpful patterns and figure out what the first action is you can safely take ?

Exercising or walking in nature might be a tonic for you, can you spend some time outdoors or in green spaces at least once a day, and leave your devices at home?

It's okay to ask for help! Speak to a trusted person about how you are feeling, this could be in person or reaching out with a phone call. Do you have a counsellor, therapist, or maybe a support group where you can go along and share about your fears?


Traditional methods of putting pen to paper can help release your anxious thoughts from your brain, allowing you to see things more clearly and with a fresh perspective.  Try writing a list of things that you are grateful for, this is particularly helpful at bedtime and can allow you to drift off to sleep more easily thinking about pleasant things.

3)    GET CURIOUS ABOUT IT:   Is there a pattern to your anxiety, what have you done in the past to help you feel better? If you have a history of anxiety in your family or if contact with particular people can exacerbate your anxiety it might help to start looking at how to develop stronger boundaries in your relationships.

4)    STAY IN THE HERE AND NOW: Are you prepared to try and follow your experience in the here and now?  Do you find that you spend a lot of time psychologically in the future? We all need to plan sometimes, but it is important to recognise the value of returning to the present moment to quell your anxiety. Learning to let go of things outside of your control might take time, and is a good way to take some pressure off of yourself

5)    DEVELOP A SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: Have you ever tried meditation, or prayer? It's not essential to believe in God and It doesn’t have to be perfect! Keep it simple: Start with one minute, then five, ten, twenty. Keep practicing and you will find what works for you. Sitting still and breathing deeply can work wonders.  There are many apps such as Calm and Headspace and guided meditations on YouTube to help you learn the basics, until you feel experienced enough to let go of your devices and sit quietly on a cushion or chair.

If you would like to arrange an initial call with me to work on your anxiety please email to

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